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About Me

I have been around photography most of my life. My Dad was an amateur photo enthusiast he had both a still camera (Kodak 35mm Pony) and an 8mm film movie camera (Kodak).

He took family photos from the time I was born until his later years. Everywhere we traveled he would have one if not both of his cameras. In the late 1950's and into the early 1960's we lived in Casablanca, Morocco, North Africa. Yes of Bogart fame and the movie "Casablanca" love it!

My journey with photography and film (video), began earnestly in the mid-1970's. While in high school I would take Dad's 8mm Kodak movie camera and my friends and I would take turns filming ourselves riding our dirt bike motorcycles. After high school my best friend and I took some photography classes and learned to develop black & white film and prints in the darkroom, I was hooked. We would mix photography with our other passion racing motocross.

Over the years I have shot sports, motorcycle racing, wildlife, landscapes, cityscapes, and underwater. I made the transition from film to digital and sometimes I still go back to film. After all, I still have my Dad's Kodak 35mm Pony! Well, hope you enjoy what I post on this site. This is my living collection of personal projects.

James Kilgo